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Bitcoin Breaks $8000. Will It Last?

Nov 19, 2017

Bitcoin's relentless price advance reaches new levels. Let's take a step back and analyze the market from the perspective of a longer time horizon.

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Bitcoin Cash Upgrade

Nov 15, 2017

Bitcoin Cash has successfully upgraded its miner difficulty algorithm on November 13, 2017. What does this mean for the future of cryptocurrency? Let's discuss the implications.

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KeepKey Unboxing by One Minute Crypto

Oct 31, 2017

We open a brand new KeepKey device, a great little unit for securely storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and many other cryptocurrencies. Pick one up for yourself at

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CampBX Shuts Down & Demands the Impossible

Oct 14, 2017

The long-standing bitcoin exchange CampBX announced its imminent closure. Funds must be withdrawn in the form of bitcoin by November 13 at 3pm EDT. Funds left on the exchange will be turned over to the State of Georgia as unclaimed property.

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Upcoming Fix for Bitcoin Cash "Turbo Blocks"

Oct 09, 2017

Bitcoin Cash suffers from widely varying block times. Its stability mechanism, the Emergency Difficulty Adjustment (EDA) algorithm, is not fully solving the problem. Let's take a look at just how serious this is, and what can be done about it.

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China Bans Bitcoin -- This Time It's Differentâ„¢

Sep 16, 2017

China bans bitcoin, but this time it's different. First, the PBOC bans ICOs. Unexpectedly, exchanges close their doors. In reaction to this news, the price of bitcoin falls like a rock.

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Living in /r/bcash? Take the RED PILL

Aug 21, 2017

If you like to discuss bitcoin on the internet, things are not as always as they may seem.

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Bitcoin Breaks $3500. What Will Happen Next?

Aug 11, 2017

The price of bitcoin leaps from absurdity to absurdity. When will it end? Hopefully not until after you have made your copious profits.

In this video, we track the rapid rise of bitcoin over the past week, and make a prediction for the immediate future.

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Bitcoin Core Declares WAR on Segwit2x

Aug 10, 2017

Bitcoin Core, the most prominent node software for the bitcoin network, has declared war on the Segwit2x movement.

The controversial upgrade to the bitcoin network, known as Segwit, was locked in by miners under the Segwit2x plan, which doubles the maximum block size through a planned hard fork later this year. Bitcoin Core has just merged a change into their codebase that keeps the Segwit upgrade, but disconnect from any node that signals for the block size upgrade.

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Bitcoin Cash Survived an Entire Week

Aug 09, 2017

The Bitcoin Cash fork is one week old. It has thrived so far, with no dangerous block reorganizations, which quite an accomplishment. In this video, we analyze a few key metrics of the new blockchain: Exchange Support, Block Size, Price, and Mining Difficulty.

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Bitcoin 101: What is Bitcoin?

Aug 07, 2017

Have you ever wondered how Bitcoin and the blockchain actually work? Here's a really quick tour of everything, leaving you with more questions than you had before.

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Get Bitcoin Cash out of Electrum in 60 Seconds

Aug 01, 2017

The bitcoin blockchain officially forked on August 1, 2017. If you owned Legacy Bitcoin at that time, you picked up some Bitcoin Cash tokens as well! Here's a quick and easy tutorial on how to get access to your Bitcoin Cash.

Use this walkthrough to access your Bitcoin Cash that is associated with an Electrum wallet. From here, you can send it to an exchange for trading, or transfer it to another address, at your convenience.

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Bitcoin 101: Addresses, Hackers, and YOU

Jul 31, 2017

How do bitcoin addresses actually work? What happens if a hacker gets into the wallet on your computer? Let's find out.

Learn about crypto with Bitcoin 101, a series of one-minute videos to teach the basics of this new form of digital money.

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Bitcoin exchange BTC-e under fire from US Department of Justice

Jul 27, 2017

This just released: the United States Department of Justice has issued an indictment today against long-standing bitcoin exchange BTC-e on charges of money laundering. The exchange is currently offline, and a company mastermind, Alexander Vinnik, has been arrested in Greece.

This is a huge event: if BTC-e does not recover, it will likely go down in history with the catastrophic MtGox failure of 2014 and the massive Bitfinex hack of 2016.

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Control your Keys to claim Bitcoin Cash

Jul 26, 2017

A Bitcoin Fork is coming on August 1. Will you be ready? This is a chance to double your money.

Technically, splitting a bitcoin into a BitcoinSegwitCoin and a BitcoinCashCoin is not the same as doubling. But why complain? Pick up those sweet, sweet blockchain tokens and laugh all the way to the digital bank.

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Welcome to One Minute Crypto

Jul 24, 2017

We celebrate the launch of One Minute Crypto with a $100 bitcoin giveaway.

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